5 Deliciously Egg-cellent Recipes You Can Easily Make At Home


Ili •  Jun 14, 2021

Eggs are one of the most basic but versatile ingredients to cook with. Whether you boil, poach, bake, steam or fry them, it's definitely a fun way to experiment in the kitchen and test your chef skills. If you'd like to take it a step further and impress your loved ones at home, this list of easy egg recipes is a great place to start ?

1. Chawanmushi

For those who love Japanese cuisine, we've got you covered with this easy chawanmushi recipe. It's a light savoury dish is not only packed with umami flavour but is easy to make too - and you can use pretty much anything you have on-hand for the fillings!

2. Gyeran-bbang

If you love Korean food, then making gyren-bbang should be at the top of your list. Perfect for breakfast or even as a midday snack, you can make this popular Korean street food check out Seonkyoung Longest's recipe video above.

3. Korean tornado omelette

Another popular Korean egg recipe you should try is Korean tornado omelette. It may take you a couple of tries to nail it, but trust us - the end result will be super gratifying!

4. French cloud egg

Have you ever heard of a cloud egg? Just like its name suggests, this recipe yields a dreamy nest made of whipped egg whites and yolk centre to resemble nothing other than fluffy clouds. Don't forget to snap a picture before you dig in!

5. Egg tart

For a savoury-sweet snack, why not make yourself some Portuguese egg tarts. While you may think they're difficult to whip up yourself, this easy Portuguese egg tart recipe will make you think otherwise.

BONUS: Egg coffee

Did you know that you can incorporate eggs into your coffee? That's right! Put a twist on your daily espressos by making egg coffee - a popular drink in Hanoi also known as ca phe trung. Made with sweetened condensed milk, egg yolk and Vietnamese ground coffee (you can also use a ground coffee of your choice), check out how to make this unique drink using this easy Vietnamese egg coffee recipe.

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