Dream Cruise vs Royal Caribbean: Which Is Your Perfect Cruise?


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Nov 05, 2021

The 2021 December school holidays are just around the corner! Excitement and family time await ? While some of you might not want to go overseas for your family fun time just yet, you can still get a taste of travel with a cruise to nowhere ?

HHWT has discovered two amazing cruises you’ll love: Dream Cruise’s World Dream Cruise & Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of The Seas Cruise. Now all you have to do is pick the ship that suits your family most!

Cruises to nowhere: Dream Cruise or Royal Caribbean?

1. Rooms

Dream Cruises 

Sunbathe to the view of an endless ocean from a private balcony! With interconnecting room options, get easy access to your family members ? P.S. If you’re a family of 4, opt for 2 rooms instead of one. That way you don’t have to squeeze into a single cabin - and it’s almost the same price per person!

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Alternatively, The Palace Suites has panoramic views of the sky and sea. You can enjoy these gorgeous sights from your own private balcony or queen sized bed! Stay in luxury with a 24-hour butler concierge service, walk-in closet, luxury bathroom with full bathtub and more.?

Royal Caribbean

While Dream Cruises’ rooms sound delightful, wait till you see Royal Caribbean’s rooms. Royal Caribbean has an Interior and Oceanview Stateroom. They’re both furnished with two twin beds that convert to a Royal King, a private bathroom and a vanity area! Their Oceanview Stateroom faces the sea so you can gaze out into the sea any time you please ? 

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Alternatively, cruise to nowhere in style with their Balcony Rooms and Suites. They come with a full bathroom and private balcony! If you’ve got a big family, however, try the Suites. With larger private balconies, a concierge service, in-room meals and dedicated entertainment seating, you’ll be travelling in absolute comfort! 

So which is best for your family? Well, if you’re looking for a simple stay, perhaps the Royal Caribbean is the one for you! Choose their staterooms to rest quietly and simply. However, if you’re travelling with your entire family and need more space, Dream World’s Palace Suites might be the better option?

2. Halal Food

Dream Cruises 

World Dream is home to 2 halal dining eateries! Their Dream Dining Room is home to menus that change daily, you’ll never be bored of the food ? They also have an extensive selection of beverages for you to quench your thirst after a full day of fun. 

Fill your tummies at The Lido! This halal buffet is a day-long bonanza - serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. With delicious international cuisines and dozens of sweet treats, The Lido is perfect for the ever-hungry. While the eatery is not halal-certified because they serve alcohol, the buffet uses halal ingredients and is incredibly Muslim-friendly. 

You can also enjoy amazing food at the designated Halal & Vegetarian Section which will provide you with a variety of dining options! ?P.S. The Halal section is prepared by Muslim staff.

Royal Caribbean 

Quantum of the Seas has halal options, too. Offering halal meats only on Singapore cruises to nowhere, you’re in luck! Their world-class main dining room has a calming ambience and amazing food. Plus, requests for halal meat can be submitted 90 days before sailing off! Don’t worry about missing out on delicious dishes with their halal meat option ?

With such amazing halal options from both cruises, any foodie family might have a hard time deciding! If you have young kids, go for the Dream Cruise! Satisfy your childrens’ appetites thanks to the buffet line ?️

However if you’re looking for set meals, Royal Caribbean is for you. Order their halal meats 90 days in advance and you won’t have to worry about buffet queues during the trip. Just relax and enjoy as food is served!

3. Length of Trip

Dream Cruises 

Dream Cruises’ cruises to nowhere from Singapore last 2-3 nights per sail. This is just enough time for you to enjoy the amazing amenities and food available! 

With the 3-night sail, you’ll get 2 full days onboard for you to truly relax. That’ll also give you more than enough time to settle in and spend time with family! 

Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean’s cruises however are 3-4 nights long per sail! These trips will provide you with more time to try everything out with your family. Fully enjoy your trip with a longer getaway from the stresses of everyday life ? 

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P.S. If you’re looking for the cheapest way to spend those 3-4 nights on Royal Caribbean, you’re in luck. Klook’s got the cheapest package for you right here from just $603 nett!

4. Activities & Amenities 

Dream Cruises 

This might just be the most important part! 

World Dream is home to dozens of fun activities for everyone! Kids can try out the Esc EXPERIENCE Lab where they can immerse themselves in different virtual reality experiences. They could ride a rollercoaster or find their way through a maze, all while never leaving the ship!

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World Dream also provides complimentary, family-friendly activities like their Rope Course, Waterslide Park, and Arcade ?Check out more of their complimentary, family-friendly activities here!

Your family can enjoy this amazing experience for just $265 on Klook!

P.S. If you book with Klook, you’ll get almost instant confirmation plus a free FnB voucher ?

Royal Caribbean

Not a fan of adrenaline rushes? Quantum of the Seas’ has activities for the calmer! 

Experience the sky and magnificent views with the North Star. From 90 metres above the sea, your family can enjoy 360-degree views of the ocean and the horizon. If heights are not your thing, head for the ‘Ahh-Inspiring In Any Light’ event which features aerialists, robots and more!

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Kids may enjoy the exciting, complimentary activities Royal Caribbean has onboard! Jump into a Bumper Car, Surf with the FlowRider, or check out their Seaplex activities which offer XBox Stations and a full-sized basketball court. 

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Check out more of Royal Carribean’s amazing activities here!

There’s definitely a little something for everyone on both cruises. If your family is excited for more outdoor activities, Dream Cruises would be perfect. However, if you’re looking for something calmer, Royal Caribbean would definitely be more suitable ?

So which cruise is best for your family?

While both cruises are different, each definitely has a whole lot of amazing experiences! If your family is a little more adventurous, you might want to opt for Dream Cruises. With exciting activities and sea-view rooms, you’ll definitely get your dose of excitement. 

Dream Cruise also has an added bonus of providing more Muslim-friendly services! While both cruises have halal food, Dream Cruise has more halal food options. You can also book a private time slot in their jacuzzi, request for prayer mats, and more ?

Looking forward to something calmer? Perhaps Royal Caribbean might be best. With shows and sightseeing, your family and you will be awe-struck and captivated by the views! Plus, their Seaplex activities would be perfect for any indoor kid!

P.S. Here’s a #HHWTTip: Get cheaper options with Klook! Opt for a short 2-night stay at just $265 on Dream Cruises here! 

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And if you’re booking your trip from 1 to 11 November, Dream Cruises will be offering the second pax at only $11 (before $60 port charge)! Sail off on selected sails from 2 Jan to 30 Mar 2022 to enjoy this amazing experience at almost nothing  ?

With amazing prices, activities, rooms and food, now all you have to do is pick a suitable cruise and head off for your family fun time! ???

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