Digital Nomad Visa Can Help You Travel The World Without Getting You Broke, And Here's How To Get It


Tiara •  Aug 23, 2021

What's a digital nomad?

A digital nomad is someone who uses telecommunications technologies to live a nomadic life. They live from place to place, work remotely, as well as making money like working people in general.

One thing that separates a digital nomad from others is that they can work from literally anywhere they want, whether it's from home, cafes, or even from another country, as long as they have a wireless connection.

Sounds like a dream? You will like it even more because recently there are more countries providing digital nomad visas for travelers!

What's a digital nomad visa?

It may be different in every country, but entering a country as a tourist doesn't necessarily give you the right to work while you are there.

The digital nomad visa program will give someone a legal right to work remotely while living in the country. Some countries introduce this program under different names, for example, the Cayman Islands' global Citizen Concierge Program. Meanwhile, some others simply call it a "residence permit".

Travel the world and making money on its way, sounds like a dream come true, right?

Countries offering digital nomad visas

Based on this source, there are 24 countries offering digital nomad visas so far. Some countries even give chances for these digital nomads to work in a local company under this visa.

If you are thinking of a new career or starting your journey around the world, these countries can be a good start!


With the Singapore-Germany travel bubble happening soon, it's probably the right time to become a digital nomad. Germany's residence permit is valid for freelancers and self-employed workers for a minimum of three months and extendable up to three years.

After filling up the application and paying 60 Euros, you need to prepare the paperwork, including passport, cover letter, photographs, and some other documents.

You can submit it in person to your nearest German Embassy or Consulate. After that, you will need to follow some administration processes, including tax and healthcare registration.


As a digital nomad, a long-term (up to 180ddays) visa in Iceland is valid without any travel visa. This program is open to applicants from any country. All you have to do is proving that you earn a monthly income that is equivalent to one million Krona (about SGD 156,000).

You need to prepare some documents like passports, proof of health insurance, criminal record check, and some other papers and mail them to the Directorate of Immigration at Dalvegur 18, 201 Kópavogur.


You can stay for up to two years while working remotely in Norway by having an Independent Contractor Visa. However, the visa costs 600 Euros and you must prove proof that you have an annual income of at least 35,719 Euros (around SGD 57,000).

Applications and all the required documents must be handed to the nearest Norwegian Embassy or Consulate.


You can remotely work from one of the 115 islands in Seychelles for up to one year. Other than the required documents, you must also pay a 45 Euros fee. The best part of it is that family members can join the application as ordinary visitors!

Taiwan, Portugal, Georgia, Dominica, Estonia, Czech Republic, Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, The Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, and Cabo Verde are other countries that have a similar visa program.

Other countries that also can be an option are Cabo Verde, Cayman Island, Costa Rica, Croatia, Curacao, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, and Monsterrat.

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