This Might Just Be The Best Restaurant To Have A Fancy Date With Your Other Half


Rita Razali •  Dec 31, 2021

Some of us used to travel abroad to celebrate birthdays or anniversaries with loved ones. It just made sense: it was much more romantic and there were so many other options to choose from! Here in Singapore, it could be hard finding something that suits both you and your loved ones. Fortunately, we managed to find a cosy, romantic restaurant where you can dip your toes in a little halal fine dining!

Be it a birthday or anniversary or just a date with your other half, Dhia is the place. Dhia is a European restaurant that serves modern cuisine with Mediterranean flavours. Served in a romantic, elegant atmosphere by great service staff,  you can pair your dishes with their fine selection of alcohol-free wines.   If you're not sure which from their selection to choose from, the service staff is also more than happy to recommend one for you!

When we were there, we ordered their Wild Mushroom Soup. Served with toasted bread, it was delicious. Down to the last slurp! We also tried the Clam Chowder. You get the clam, the vegetables and seafood flavour in every scoop. Another delicious dish.

Next on our list of must-tries is the Superfood Salad from the appetiser menu.  It has avocado, grapes, cherry tomatoes, walnuts, greens, pomegranates and more! It was super delicious. We also tried their Entre de Foie-gras. This mouth-watering appetiser could not be denied. The scallops were seared and wrapped with turkey bacon. Every bite was a party in your mouth. Yum! ?

After a scrumptious set of appetisers, we decided to order 2 mains: the Pan-Seared Red Snapper and Ribeye Steak.  These dishes were cooked to perfection.  The Red Snapper was served with crispy skin, mashed potatoes and a side of vegetables. The steak was served with baked potato and side vegetables.  They were all delicious. If you asked me to choose a favourite, I wouldn't be able to decide.

Although we skipped out on the burgers and sandwiches, they looked absolutely yummy. They looked tantalising and I was tempted to get one when I saw plates of them coming out of kitchen! If you're there for lunch or a quick and simple dinner, you might want to try them out.

Oh they do also serve pasta, pizza and rice! I was told their signature dish, the Spanish Paella, serves 2-4 people. Oh boy, did the dish look amazing. Definitely great for sharing among friends and family.

We ended the evening with a slice of Pecan Pie and a slice of Apple Crumple with a Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream. It was a lovely evening: romantic, elegant yet cosy and relaxed... Oh!! And filling! Our bellies were filled with great food. ?


Halal Status: Muslim-Owned


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