5 Kids-Friendly Activities You Can Do For This Year's Deepavali In Singapore (With Halal Indian Food!)


Siti Aishah Ahmad •  Oct 28, 2021

Singapore is a diverse country with many cultures and religions. Every seasonal celebration is special in their own ways and anyone from any background could join in the festivity. With the Festival of Lights or known as Deepavali coming up, expect to see colourful and vibrant lights around Little India! That being said, everyone should join in the fun with their loved ones so here are 5 kid-friendly activities you could do with your families!

5 Kid-Friendly Activities For Deepavali

1. Explore IG-Worthy Deepavali Light-Up

Credit: @kaneswaran_photography on Instagram 

Every year, the streets of Little India are always decorated with an abundant of colourful lights that take our breaths away! Despite the ongoing pandemic, this year is no exception. As soon as you enter this district, extensive rows of bright and glowing crescent-shaped arches will greet you and your family. To highlight India's unique architectural wonders, this year's light-up has the Gopuram as the majestic main entrance with pillars wrapped with lights to represent a temple. Come and be in awe with the light-up at night!

2. Ride A Trishaw Around Picturesque Little India

Credit: Indian Heritage Centre on Facebook

Kids love fun rides and riding a trishaw around the quaint and busy Little India is a fun thing to do! Organized by the Indian Heritage Centre, hop on a 15-minute trishaw ride and enjoy the festive sight-seeing of Little India. Check out IHC's website to find out more information about their special trishaw rides.

3. Visit Indian Heritage Centre

Credit: @wanderlust_hotel_sg on Instagram 

Another thing you could with your family is to visit the Indian Heritage Centre! There's a permanent exhibition that showcases the extensive history about Indians in Singapore. It's an educational exhibition that'll teach you and your kids in depth about the Indian community. It also highlights the contribution South Asians have done in building this great nation.

4. Enjoy Halal Indian Food

Credit: @calvinho66es on Instagram 

A normal day is always elevated with delicious food that makes us happy! To fully immerse in the Deepavali festivities, light up your experience with these halal Indian treats like gulab jamun and the milky barfi! As for restaurants, visit the must-try Pavilion Banana Leaf or the popular Sakunthala's Restaurant in Little India. Find more halal eateries in Little India here.

5. Learn Fun Indian Crafts

Credit: Indian Heritage Centre on Facebook

One of the engaging ways to learn a culture is to do crafts! This year, IHC is hosting free drop-in workshops for anyone keen to learn. Among their fun craft workshops is the paper lamp craft activity where you'll learn how to make diyas, a type of lamp that people light up to dispel evil and darkness. There's also an activity session of how to make beautiful kolam and rangoli with a local artist! For more info, visit IHC's website here on workshops to find out which fun activity you and your family should try next!

Join in the fun of celebrating the festival of lights with your beloved families and immerse yourself with the Indian community's lovely culture.