This Muslim-Owned Stall By Ex-Firefighters Serves Halal Western And Malay Cuisine


Qistina Bumidin •  Feb 12, 2022

Here’s a new place to add on to your hunt for the best halal comfort food in Singapore! Located within the IG-worthy hotel The Great Madras comes an even more aesthetic restaurant, Daddy’s On Madras,  that serves up all your delicious, favourite halal Western and Malay food growing up ? We spoke to the namesake owner, Daddy (yes, we’re not joking ?), who told us their entertaining, heartwarming journey. 

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Daddy's On Madras Serves Halal Western And Malay Fusion Food In Little India

Credit: Daddy's On Madras

Daddy’s On Madras began in August last year by four ex-firefighters (including Daddy), who worked together in the same fire station years ago, and have left for different career paths, but their friendship bond is still kept strong. While they do not have any formal training in cooking or in the F&B industry, they wanted to be an inspiration to everyone who’s afraid of taking the leap of faith into the unknown, especially so during this pandemic. They might call their stall “a bad idea” on their social media, but if you see their pictures and raving reviews from users, you’ll be proven wrong in an instant ?

Credit: @atingeoflight for Instagram

If you’re wondering why he refers to himself and the stall as Daddy, the reasons are threefold. Firstly, if you search up the meaning of Daddy on Google, it’s defined in two ways: ‘oldest, best, or biggest example of something’ and ‘the best, most successful person’, which is their ultimate goal: “to be the Daddy of all dishes or even in the F&B industry”. Well, that cleared up a lot, didn’t it? ?

Secondly, they wanted their food to tell their stories, instead of themselves. The other three also go by different monikers: Jon the Realtor, The Giant of Madras and The Masjid Boy (who’s rumoured to be a former muazzin, but we’ll never know). If you scroll through their Instagram, their stories seem so absurd and hilarious, but it’s a result of the shared experiences between the four ?

Credit: @atqqq for Instagram

“We want to show the chaos that unfolds when you put different personalities together to achieve a goal in a timed pressure cooker; but at the same time the satisfaction of what commitment and true camaraderie can achieve”, he added. 

So what can you expect once you step into Daddy’s On Madras? He summarises your experience in three words: “Warm, welcoming, and fun”, which we can ascertain that it will translate into your food and the service you receive! ?

P.S. You can stay at the hotel and eat these dishes everyday right at your footstep! 

They aim to give you that feeling of visiting a home of a close friend for dinner, or simply just like eating at home (in a super IG-worthy, aesthetic restaurant by the way ?), so you’ll be rest assured that  all the food served will be delicious and comforting just like home. Daddy’s giving you three dishes you have to try at their stall! ?

Credit: @danial.shahrin on Instagram

First up is their Brown Butter Penne. Brown butter adds a deeper caramelised taste to dishes that regular butter can't achieve on its own, which adds on a sophisticated flavour to your palates. They use De Cecco pasta as well to have that perfect al dente (tender, but still firm to the bite) texture and overall better flavour ?

Credit: @zomgitsashok for Instagram

Another dish that you have to try is their Country Fried Steak. Deep fried striploins paired with the savoury, slightly spicy peppercorn sauce, and a burst of flavours just swirls all over. With a refreshing side of crunchy coleslaw, you’ll be begging for more! ?

Credit: @zomgitsashok for Instagram

Not up for some Western grub? They have a range of Malay dishes (with a little twist) as well! Their popular Nasi Ayam Geprek Leleh might be the most Daddy of all things cheesy and spicy. Thick battered chicken cutlet is torched with cheese and smothered in their signature sambal geprek! Pair it up with the traditional Malay Chicken Rice and EXTRA chilli, and we’re sold ?

So what are you waiting for? Head down to Daddy’s On Madras now for the holy grail of comfort food: good value, best ingredients, and super flavourful. Remember to book a reservation in advance to avoid disappointment! ??

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Opening hours: 12pm-10pm daily; closed on Mondays

Address: 28 Madras Street (inside The Great Madras Hotel)

Price: $20~

Book a reservation via: Here

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