10 Best Travel Shoes for Your Next Adventure


Amira Rahmat •  Jun 28, 2023

Your airline ticket is booked, your accommodation settled, and next comes the crucial task for your much-awaited adventure: packing your bags! And you can never miss out a good pair of shoes. ? Sometimes we need to ask around for travel shoe recommendations from our friends and family. But not to fear, we’ve sorted through footwear which focuses on comfort – without compromising on style, and have come up with 10 best travel shoes for your next great adventure! Let’s get packing!

1. Skechers

Skechers shoes have become resoundingly popular for travellers in recent times! These comfortable shoes are light, easy to wear, and has midsole cushioning that helps your feet stay comfortable even when you're getting a lot of mileage and walking around a lot while travelling. Another advantage is while it retains the comfort of a sneaker or sports shoe, it's slightly more stylish and can work with different outfits.

The GOWalk series comes in a few different iterations (including the GOWalk 5 and Go Walk Arch) as well as variations in colour and design. You can check out the designs available online, or just head down to one of their many outlets in both Malaysia and Singapore.

Where to buy: Locate a Skechers store on their website. You can also find Skechers on Amazon.

Price: From SGD109/RM508 onwards

2. Nike Air Max

When it comes to stylish and athletic pair of kicks, Nike Air is hard to beat. The Air Max has become a staple for sneakerheads around the globe, known not just for its revolutionary cushioning that makes it super comfortable to wear, but also as a fashion statement. The Air Max remains a popular choice as a travel shoe as you can walk around in it for long periods of time easily and it's also lightweight.

Credit: Nike on Facebook

With its great arch support and cushioning system, they are incredibly comfy – and can even double up as a gym shoe if you're looking to exercise while travelling. Since its first launch in the late 1980s, the shoe has gone through several iterations and you'll find many different types of Air Max shoes available when browsing with different price points. The Air Max 270 remains a popular favourite, though the more recently launched Air Max 90 might just be your cup of tea! ?

Where to buy: Nike.com (or use their website to locate a store near you)

Price: From SGD179 /RM572 onwards

3. Superga 2750 Classic

Credit: Superga on Facebook

Easy to wear and even easier to pack! These sneakers are comfy, chic and will get you through the airport with ease and effortless style. Not only that, Superga's kicks tend to be more substantial with greater cushion support than most other street sneakers. Available in a kaleidoscope of gorgeous colours and styles, they look great and trendy regardless of what your personal travel fashion taste might be. ☺️

Where to buy: Superga.sg or Superga.my, Zalora

Price: From SGD90 / RM287 onwards

4. Timberland Waterproof Boots

If you are on the search for snug, cosy, secure yet trendy pair for touring especially around hiking or colder areas, this is a shoe brand that we would vouch for (you'll often spot Suzana wearing them in a lot of our pictures/videos!). Timberland's waterproof boots offer rubber soles and leather uppers. With such material, you can rough it out in harsher weather while still staying comfortable! They're definitely worth the investment, often lasting for many years.

Plus they look so amazing with jeans? Give this a try as they are casual, reliable and durable and super useful when your travel falls during the autumn and winter season! Do be sure to break-in your boots before wearing them on a trip (i.e. wear them around for short periods of time frequently so they soften and meld to your feet shape) - you don't want to bring them out only to get blisters! You'll find a variety of styles available, from high-cut versions to ankle boots, so choose what works for you!

Where to buy: Shop online at timberland.sg or timberland.my or search for a store near you on their website. Also available on Zalora.

Price: From SGD300 / RM950 onwards

5. Dr Martens 1460 Smooth Boots

Credit: Dr Martens

Doc Marts are not exactly the smallest nor the most compact footwear to pack for a trip. But don't let this put you off! These shoes are the ultimate all-in-one travel shoe for us! The soles promise a lot of support while keeping you stable, even on those uneven cobblestoned streets during your travels?

#HHWT Tip: As for all leather shoes, it's best to wear them a few weeks before your trip so that you can break into those boots, and of course, low-cut socks are a definite no-no.

Credit: Dr Martens

Though they aren’t cheap, they last for years, are waterproof and keep your feet warm. There really is no denying its comfort factor ?

#HHWT Tip: Do avoid Dr Marten shoes made with a material called Soft Buck, including certain versions of the 1460 boots, as this contains pig-skin lining. The shoe model will specify the Soft Buck material if it is used.

Where to buy: Buy online or locate a store near you on their website. Price: From SGD 252 /RM802 onwards

6. Adidas NMD

Credit: Adidas

The NMD has become one of Adidas' most popular shoes, and it's easy to see why. With its perfect mix of comfort and style, not only has it has become a favourite shoe for everyday wear, but it has also been rated as an awesome shoe for travelling by many men and women alike. Now, as a disclaimer, it's not a cheap shoe by any means (costing around SGD200 or RM600 on average).

The NMD has a breathable Primeknit upper and cushioned full-length Boost midsole, making it comfortable to wear for long periods of time, but also quite easy to take on and off (which is handy while travelling!). The shoe's silhouette makes for a flattering look that can complement pretty much anything you wear, be it jeans, joggers, or even skirts and dresses. The stripes on the shoe, as well as the detailing along the sole, are subtle (but iconic) touches that add a mark of coolness to your outfits ? With a wide array of colours and designs, you're gonna want to get more than one pair!

Where to buy: Buy online at Adidas.sg, or Adidas.my or look-up up a physical store on their website. Also sold at JD Sports and Zalora

Price: From SGD200 / RM600 onwards

7. Vans Old Skool

Credit: Branded for Youths on Facebook

There's nothing like a longtime classic. Vans Old Skool is a much-beloved shoe, appealing to a wide audience (whether you're a teenager or an adult) and for good reason. Not only are they easy to match with any outfit (especially if you go for neutral colours), the waffle rubber sole combined with the suede and canvas make them durable shoes that are also comfortable to wear (our writer Atiqah swears by them!). In addition, they're a great option as they're not as pricey as some as the other options on this list, while still proving to be great footwear.

The Vans Old Skool model comes in a variety of styles using different materials, though we'd recommend the classic suede/canvas for travel. If you're not a fan of the flat rubber soles of Vans, good news: they now have a range called Comfy Cush that retains the classic look of the shoe, but with cushioned padding added to the sole for a softer and more flexible feel!

Where to buy: Buy online at Vans.sg or Vans.my or look-up up a physical store near you on their website. Also sold at Zalora, JD Sports.

Price: From SGD89 / RM280 onwards

8. Hoka One One Bondi

Credit: Hoka One One on Facebook

They may not look the part, but Hoka's Bondi Line are extremely light-weight and comfortable to wear. Not only do they help with balance and cushioning of the feet, they're made of breathable material so you don't have to worry about sweaty socks and shoes regardless of the weather and environment around you. These Hoka Bondis are great for any shape of feet as the shoe's plush collar is designed to accommodate a narrower heel and conform to a wide variety of ankles.

Where to buy:Hoka

Price: From SGD160 / RM500 onwards

9. Adidas Ultraboost

We have a second Adidas entry on this list, and it's the Ultraboost. This shoe promises to make you feel like you're walking on clouds and go on for miles while you're travelling. The shoe has a great amount of cushioning that's combined with a flexible outsole along with a stretchy knit upper that makes it a dream to wear

Similar to the Adidas NMD, the Ultraboost doesn't come cheap. But fret not, because you'll be able to get great mileage out of it as it can easily transition between being running shoes, travel shoes, or shoes for everyday wear. Plus, with all the designs and colours available, you'll be making a fashion statement at the same time.

Where to buy:Adidas SG. Also available at JD Sports

Price: From SGD260 / RM795 onwards

10. Birkenstocks Arizona Essentials EVA Sandals

Sandals or flip flops are often a travel staple, whether you're going to the beach or want easy footwear to slip on where you're just walking short destinations. And while Birkenstock slippers may seem like a little overkill when there are much cheaper alternatives out there, hear us out - the slippers have a contoured footbed that will mould to your feet shape, promising complete comfort - meaning you can walk around in them comfortably for long periods of time! It's especially useful when travelling in hot or humid destinations or where you just don't feel like wearing sneakers or closed shoes. The EVA material is waterproof, meaning you can get them wet without worrying. Slip-ons like these are handy if you're passing airports where security requires you to take off shoes (like in the US)!

Where to buy: Birkenstock outlets, JD Sports

Price: From SGD59 / RM180 onwards There you go! 10 travel shoes that are perfect for your next vacation? We would love to hear about your favourite pair of kicks for travelling. Share in the comments below!