Here’s What You Can Expect At Changi Airport’s Festive Village And Underground Carnival This Weekend


Syahirah •  Nov 04, 2022

The fun in Singapore never stops, not even at the airport! Whether you’re a local looking for something fun to do on the weekends or a traveller looking for entertainment away from the hot sun, this news will surely excite you and your kids. ? Everyone knows that Singapore’s Changi Airport is an exciting place to be even if you’re not visiting to catch a flight! This November, you can look forward to the annual festive village and underground carnival at Changi Airport, here’s what you need to know!

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Credit: Changi Airport

Starting this weekend till 2 January 2023, Changi Airport’s Terminal 3 basement will be transformed into a (quite literal) Festive Village and Underground Carnival with over 30 indoor rides and games that’ll make you forget you’re actually at an airport!

P.S. The Changi Festive Village will run until 2 Jan 2023, while the T3 Underground Carnival and Dino Kart will run until 2 Apr 2023.

The Underground Carnival’s 3 Zones

Credit: Changi Airport

The Underground Carnival at Terminal 3 (T3) begins with a blast from the past in a zone called ‘The Great World’, which has a recreation of the Tua Seh Kai Great World Amusement Park, one of the most iconic and oldest theme parks in Singapore which has been permanently closed - it was actually opened in 1929! Even if you didn’t live through that era, the old-school-style rides and colour theme is sure to bring back a sense of nostalgia for you and your family. While at The Great World, don’t forget to visit the Mamak shop for adorable picture opportunities. Not to mention, it makes for a great storytime for the kids! ?

Credit: Changi Airport

There’s even something for the grown-ups too! Visit the arcade games section in ‘The Modern World’ zone for fun games that’ll bring out the inner kid in you. ? Throw balls into the mouth of goofy clowns, toss rings into stands, ride on the bumper cars and much more. There are plenty of photo opportunities to get in on, so make sure you explore carefully and thoroughly!

Credit: Changi Airport

Head on over to ‘The Future World’ for more exciting games and rides! If you love a bit more thrill, you must try the neon go-cart ride that’ll make you feel like an F1 driver. ?Visit the games booths, including the 3D shooting range, for a change of pace but equally as exhilarating!

Go on a Glampcation & Glampicnic

Credit: Changi Airport

You can unwind after a day of exciting activities at Jewel by glamping with a stunning view of the HSBC Rain Vortex with the Glampcation Package! With the tents' serene marine theme, Avatar-inspired, you'll experience a sense of calm as you relax with your friends and family. ?In addition to limited-edition merchandise and T3 credit for the Underground Carnival, the Glampcation package also includes River Wonders tickets for Singapore Zoo. 

Credit: Changi Airport

You can opt for the Glampicnic if you have no plans to stay overnight! Bring your own picnic basket or pre-order from Changi Eats, Changi Airport’s food delivery service, where you can mix and match your favourite food and drinks from a wide selection of dining options at Jewel and Changi! ?Note that the Glamping is from 5 November 2022 to 1 January 2023.

P.S. Check out our Halal food guide to Jewel Changi Airport for some yummy options!

Credit: Changi Airport

Changi Aiport’s Festive Village and Underground Carnival starts on 4 November, and we think it’s the best way to spend time with your family and loved ones. The exciting activities will keep everyone entertained and the peaceful evening at the Glamping is guaranteed to put your mind and body at ease! Would you visit the airport for this event? 

Changi Festive Village at Changi Airport

Location: Changi Airport T3, Jewel Changi Airport (Nearest MRT; Changi Airport)

Date: 4 November 2022 - 2 January 2023