Caesar Park Taipei: This Muslim-Friendly Hotel In Taipei Serves Halal Breakfast, Perfect For Your Future Trip


Faruq Senin •  Sep 29, 2021

In recent years, Taiwan has been increasing its number of Muslim-friendly amenities and halal food options. If you’re planning a trip to Taiwan in future, you’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of Muslim-friendly hotels in Taipei, and of them is Caesar Park Taipei! Centrally located near the Taipei Main Station, Caesar Park even serves halal breakfast and it’s convenient for you to get around as well. 

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Caesar Park Taipei - Muslim-friendly hotel in Taipei with halal breakfast

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In line with Taipei City’s efforts to increase amenities for Muslim travellers, the 5-star Caesar Park has Muslim-friendly amenities. Their 478 guest rooms are equipped with prayer mats so you wouldn’t need to pack it in your suitcase. They also have 8 different room types so it’s great for any type of traveller. 

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If you enjoy having halal breakfast while staying in hotels overseas, the best part is that Caesar Park Hotel has a halal menu with an impressive selection of dishes that you’d expect from a top-rated hotel. And it’s not your usual hotel breakfast either as it’s comparable to their lunch and dinner menu. 

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For appetisers, you’ll find dishes like green vegetable salad, fresh fruits and honey yogurt salad and you can also choose from 3 types of soups - Italian vegetable soup, creamy mushroom soup and creamy pumpkin soup. There are also mouthwatering main courses like dim sum, Spanish seafood and wild mushroom stew, assorted seafood pasta, special beef pizza dumplings and more! If you love a huge breakfast, you’ll definitely love the halal breakfast at Caesar Park. 

Located just beside Taipei Main Station

Conveniently located just beside Taipei Main Station, you can easily take the Taiwan High-Speed Rail, MRT or bus to go around Taipei or head to other cities in Taiwan. From the station, there’s an underground walkway that’s connected to the hotel, so you won’t have to worry about dragging your luggage along the sidewalks. 

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Credit: Taiwan Learning Trip

Besides its amazing location and Muslim-friendliness, Caesar Park Hotel also has a certification for being environmentally friendly. For those of you who are travelling to Taiwan for business, you can also make use of the hotel’s facilities like spa, printing services, meeting rooms, international express delivery and more. 

With spacious, bright and comfortable rooms, it will be the ideal accommodation for your future trip! Share this with your loved ones and bookmark Caesar Park Hotel! Check out the Taipei City Tourism website for more travel information in Taipei.

Caesar Park Taipei

Address: No. 38, Section 1, Zhongxiao West Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City

Contact: (02) 2311-5151 

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