Bopiliao Old Street, Taipei's Most IG-Worthy Spot You Need To Save For Future Trips (There's A Prayer Room Too!)


Faruq Senin •  Sep 21, 2021

Mention Taiwan and Taipei and you’ll immediately think of night markets, bubble tea and scenic nature spots. Although borders to Taiwan have not reopened yet, you can still bookmark interesting places to visit for your future trip! Wondering what are some of the best things to do around Taipei? We’ve got an Instagram-worthy spot you cannot miss! We’re talking about the Bopiliao Old Street, a preserved heritage enclave that’s been around for more than 100 years ?

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Bopiliao Old Street in Taipei - An IG-worthy spot you cannot miss

Credit: Taiwan Learning Trip

If you’re the type of traveller who loves exploring unique neighbourhoods, then Bopiliao Old Street is for you! Strolling through the district will make you feel like you’re stepping back in time. The historical district stretches for hundreds of metres. With mottled red bricks and quaint streets, every corner makes a picture-perfect spot. It’s no wonder that this is one of the most famous places for photo-taking in Taipei! 

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A neighbourhood with a rich history

Credit: Taiwan Learning Trip

Located in Taipei’s Wanhua district, Bopiliao is one of the few remaining streets that’s still standing since the Qing Dynasty era. The neighbourhood has stood the test of time - from the Qing Dynasty to Japanese rule and then Taiwan. So, you’ll be able to spot a mix of southern Fujian and Western architecture from the different periods, which is what makes it unique. One of the places you can’t miss is the Mengjia Longshan Temple which was built in 1738. The incredibly ornate architecture here will blow your mind! 

Bopiliao is now an arts and cultural zone

Credit: Taiwan Learning Trip

If you’re a fan of arts and culture, you can check out the exhibitions at Bopiliao too. Head over to the Heritage and Culture Education Center for its permanent exhibitions. One interesting feature of the museum is a section dedicated to education in Taiwan, which is also rich in historical artefacts. Fun fact: Did you know that Bopiliao is also a popular “check-in” location for Instagram influencers?

You can do your prayers at Bopiliao!

Credit: Taiwan Learning Trip

For your future trip to Bopiliao, you won’t have to worry about missing your prayers as there is a dedicated prayer room for Muslims! After all that sightseeing and snapping photos, you can take a breather and perform your prayers in peace. P.S. Looking for more things to do in Taipei? Check out the Taipei City Tourism website!

Bopiliao Old Street

Address: Lane 173, Kangding Road, Wanhua District, Taipei City Phone: (02) 2302-3199

Opening hours: 9AM-9PM (outdoors), 9AM-6PM (indoors) (closed on Monday) 

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