#HHWTBest2021: 7 Short Getaway Near KL For Romantic Escape With Your Loved Ones


Auli Cinantya •  Nov 17, 2021

We all need a little break once in a while. If you are still hesitating to travel far, why not go on a short getaway in Malaysia to rejuvenate and break away from your daily worries. From Pahang to Selangor, if you are looking for a romantic trip with your loved ones, then look no further. These short getaways near Kuala Lumpur are among the perfect destinations for couples!

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Short Getaway Near Kuala Lumpur

1. Janda Baik, Pahang

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Pahang is known for Taman Negara, but did you know there's another gorgeous destination? If you want to spend time relaxing away from the bustling Kuala Lumpur, Janda Baik offers you a chilly retreat that not only romantic but will also soothe your mind and take you away from the tropical heat in Malaysia.

Located just on the outskirts of Pahang, this hillside destination is home to many riverside accommodations. If you're planning on a budget-friendly trip, you can stay at the Danau Daun Chalet, where you can get close to mother nature. But if you decide to indulge yourself in a luxurious stay, why not stay at Tiarasa Escapes Glamping Resort, a luxurious safari-style tent &5 dreamy treehouses surrounded by mountain mist. 

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Aside from all the accommodation that will make you crave for more relaxing holidays, Janda Baik also has plenty of halal eateries. You can try some freshly brewed and locally-made coffee at Pinto Coffee+, or enjoy Malay cuisine, kampung style at Lemuni Cafe complete with lush forest view! 

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2. Sekinchan, Selangor

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About 1.5 hour drive from Kuala Lumpur, Sekinchan is a farming and fishing village that will take you on a slow relaxing journey away from the fast-paced routine of the city. Ease up all the tension from everyday routine by cycling along with the vast paddy fields, feeling the gentle breeze that will invite you to a peaceful state of mind and enjoy the great expanse of the bright blue sky.

The vast paddy field is one of the things you should enjoy while visiting Sekinchan, therefore to complete your experience, you can stay at Padi Box, where the magnificent view of expansive green paddy fields will welcome you every morning; definitely a treat for the eyes!

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Make your trip more memorable by mingling with locals and visiting the fishing village of Sungai Burong and Lemon Myrtle Plantation. You can also see Sekinchan's Instagramable spots such as the 3D Art Gallery and Pantai Redang,

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3. Sepang, Selangor

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Less than an hour from Kuala Lumpur, Sepang is located in the southern part of Selangor. This beachside destination is famous for its sunset views, but Sepang has a lot more to offer. Starting from the most famous place, the Sepang International Circuit. Although there's no event at this time, you could still visit the National Automobile Museum nearby or try out your skill on the track with some go-karting experience.

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If you prefer an adventure close to nature, head down to Sungai Sepang and cruise along through the natural mangroves and dense jungles. Along the way, you have the chance to encounter exotic birds, eagles and wild monkeys. The Mangrove River tour will invite you to see all kinds of wildlife in their natural habitat; you could also catch a glimpse into the lives of local fishermen.

While Sepang offers a lot of accommodation you could choose from, you can experience a beach vacation at the Avani Sepang Gold Coast. This five-star resort has over 315 Polynesia-inspired overwater villas, complete with a private balcony that gives you an uninterrupted view of the water.

4. Georgetown, Penang

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If you love history and travelling among heritage buildings, Penang is the perfect destination for you! Georgetown, the capital city of Penang, is home to unique colonial-style architecture that will take you back in time. Known as a UNESCO World Heritage, you will find colourful street art caricatures right beside centuries-old temples.

Turn your trip into an adventure by conquering all Seven World Wonders of Penang. Make sure to leave some memorable photos as there will be various street murals and other Instagrammable spots in Penang. Not to mention the island's colourful yet historic buildings you will find along the journey.

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As a pedestrian-friendly city, don't miss out on the night view this city has to offer. Head down near Penang Hill, where Kek Lok Si Temple, the largest Buddhist temple in Malaysia and is standing on a hilltop at Air Itam, provides a sea of light scenery that will mesmerize you.

No trips will be complete without exploring the food that Penang has to offer. You can find plenty of halal food in Penang, from traditional Malaysian cuisine to Nasi Padang! You can also enjoy all-day café hopping in Penang and visit one of the IG-worthy and Muslim friendly cafes like Jawi House Cafe Gallery or The Table Penang. 

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5. Ipoh, Perak

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If you have travelled to Penang and fell in love with their captivating street murals, then you need to visit Ipoh! Located by the Kinta River, the capital city of the Perak is filled with historical attractions, fantastic food, and some of the most exciting adventures that will make your trip memorable.

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Check out where the locals go to find the best sightings and aesthetic places in Ipoh. One of the most famous destinations is Market Lane & Concubine Lane where the colourful stores and decorations along the road are an eye-catcher. But if you prefer a nature experience, you can go to Tasik Cermin. This mirror lake is tucked between the many limestone karst formations, offering you a scenery that will leave you in awe.

After a long day of exploring, it's time to indulge in some of the best Halal food Ipoh have to offer! Ipoh is a famous destination for a quick foodie road trip. There are plenty of Halal and Muslim friendly eateries you can try, from steaming-hot delicious Dim Sum in Canning Dim Sum to a refreshing and sweet delicacy of icy Cendol in Deen CT Corner Cendol.

6. Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan

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If you love water sport activities, Port Dickson should be on your bucket list. Located in the South of Kuala Lumpur, Port Dickson is the perfect last-minute weekend trip with just a two-hour drive. The family-friendly beach getaway offers a variety of sports activities such as kayaking, jet-skiing and banana boat. 

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You will find plenty of accommodation with a private pool or beachfront resorts and water chalets that will make your beach getaway complete. And, if you are looking for something to indulge in, be sure to visit Kafe Kampung Kaw, a hidden container-themed breakfast spot in Port Dickson. This Muslim owned restaurant is famous for its signature Kambing Bakar (BBQ lamb) and Roti Gemok. 

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7. Pangkor Island, Perak

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Want to experience the ultimate relaxing island life? This exclusive beach getaway is located off the western coast of Perak and is just a three-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. Once you board the ferry from Lumut, the mesmerizing island beauty will leave you in awe. 

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Even though the island is small, there are many things you can explore on this island and a lot of adventurous experience you can do on this island. You can explore the island by kayaking or take upon challenge and hike up to the highest point of Pangkor Island, Scare Pangkor Hill, where you will find stunning views like no other. Another mesmerizing place you can see aside from the ocean is the ruins of Dutch Fort. Located on the island's southeastern coastline, this is the oldest fort that exists in Malaysia, dating back to 1670. 

Searching for Halal and Muslim friendly food in Pangkor Island is quite easy. Indulge in some of the best food the island has to offer such as fresh seafood heaven at Seri Ilham Seafood Ikan Bakar or try out a romantic dinner at the Nipah Deli Steamboat & Noodle House.

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