5 Amazing Cities In Switzerland You Should Visit For Your Future Holiday


Ili •  Jul 23, 2021

Travelling to Switzerland may have been a far fetch dream several months ago but now that we know their borders have reopened to vaccinated travellers, we're more than ready to make travel plans to visit this beautiful country! If you feel the same way we do, check out this list of best cities in Switzerland to include in your itinerary ?

Here are the 5 best cities to visit in Switzerland

1. Zurich

Home to luxurious shopping, museums and over 100 art galleries, Zurich is not only the largest city in Switzerland but also its financial capital. This vibrant city is perfect for any type of traveller as it has the perfect mix of old and new thanks to its harmonious blend of the modern cultural and arts scene and historic center.

2. Geneva

Geneva is the second largest city in the country where you'll find plenty of unique attractions such as Lake Geneva, Temple de Saint-Pierre and Jet d'Eau (Water Jet; pictured above) - one of Geneva's most famous landmark. Fun fact: Geneva is also home to the headquarters of the United Nations, making it the most multicultural city in Switzerland.

3. Lucerne

If there's one city that you need to include on your future trip to Switzerland, it's got to be Lucerne. Surrounded by beautiful mountains and a glistening lake that borders it, this charming city will take your breath away at one glance. With its picture-perfect scenery coupled with winding alleys through the old town, it's definitely a must-visit for any visitors.

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4. Lugano

The city of Lugano lies on the shores of Lake Lugani and is dotted by mountains throughout the landscape surrounding it. Here, you get to explore a plethora of things like visit cathedrals, admire modern art in cultural spaces and also stroll along the waterfront at Piazza della Riforma. For nature lovers, it almost goes without saying that there are plenty of outdoor activities available such as hiking in the nearby mountains.

5. Basel

Nestled on the Rhine river, Basel is where you want to be for canoeing down the river, dinner cruises and swimming in clear crystal waters. Also best known as Switzerland's most artsy city, you won't find a boring moment when visiting this city as their top attractions include more than 40 museums.

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