Hijab Alopecia Is A Real Thing: 6 Ways To Fix It


Qistina Bumidin •  Sep 12, 2022

We know the headline might have caused panic because hair is our crowning glory, especially for us ladies! ? We don’t intend to do so; however, we have to warn you: your hijab might be causing your hair loss, and we’ve got the data to back it up. We pushed out a survey to find out some of the issues you face regarding your hair, and the results were shocking: Out of the 67% of respondents who wear hijabs, a whopping 79% said they faced hair loss! ?

“Wait, is HHWT telling us to remove our hijabs?” ? Nope, not at all - it’s part of our Muslim identity. Instead, we have some good news: there’s still time to stop and reverse your hair loss if you follow these key tips below! ? Plus, we’re giving you some exclusive promotions to pamper and maintain those gorgeous locks, so stick around to find out how to score them! 

Before we go any further, do you know what hijab alopecia is? Also known by the scientific term, traction alopecia, it’s caused by the intense friction from the hijab. The hairstyle underneath, combined with how the fabric is placed and rubs against your scalp every day over very prolonged periods, can traumatise your hair and damage the follicle, resulting in hair loss! Sounds scary, right? ? Time to read on for some easy tips to tackle the issue! 

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1. Don’t wear your hairstyle and hijab too tight

We know you want great hijab days without it flapping around when the wind slaps you on the face. Still, if it’s too snugly fitted, you’re causing two major problems: firstly, those tight buns can cause tension at the crown of your head, making it sensitive and sometimes painful to touch ? This strain on your hair can even cause hair loss at the temples! Secondly, in addition to disgusting sebum, sweat and bacteria clogging up your scalp due to lack of airflow over your skin, the constant hair rubs against your tight hijab may lead to breakage, which, yes, leads to hair loss ?

The next time you’re shopping for scarves, stick to a breathable cotton fabric if possible, as it is less likely to cause sweat and dirt buildup on the skin. Remember not to wear your hijab whilst you still have wet hair - it will prevent proper drying of the hair and scalp, and chronic moisture on the scalp can be ideal conditions for fungus and dandruff to develop (54.7% of you responded saying that this is an issue you face! ?)

2. Keep up a good hair wash schedule

This might sound like a no-brainer - but it’s the most important step! There’s no right answer to how often you should wash your hair. According to our survey, 47% of you said you wash your hair 2 to 3 times a week. Others insist that hijabis should wash once to twice daily, especially in humid environments like Singapore, since their hair produces excess sebum, sweat and bacteria. However, other factors come to play such as your hair type, your activity level (i.e do you exercise regularly and intensely) and more ?

Our verdict? Choose a hair wash schedule suited to your hair and your lifestyle - you don’t want to under or over-wash your hair until it dries out or becomes oilier. As long as dirt, odour and sweat are removed from your scalp and hair, you’re already a step closer to stronger, fresher hair ? Do, however, try to wash more than once a week, which is so far the consensus by stylists - 6 respondents said they only wash their hair once a week, and we’re a little …. concerned ? If you need some thorough cleaning, we recommend getting the Meridian Hair & Scalp Purity Treatment from Beijing 101

First, they do a detailed hair and scalp analysis to develop a customised hair and scalp treatment based on your specific hair needs. Afterwards, your crown will be treated to their Signature Acupuncture Scalp Massage, which helps to enhance the flow of blood circulation and promote hair growth for fuller and stronger hair ? The treatment ends with low laser therapy. A helmet-like device will be placed on your head while you let science do its magic for you to come out with gorgeous hair in the end! ?

3. Wash your hijab often

Your hijab is part of your outfit of the day - after all the travelling through public transportation, restaurants and more, you can’t imagine reusing the same thing again the next day! ? Plus, breakouts near your forehead or around the hairline are proof that your hair follicles are clogged with oils, bacteria - the usual culprits. The most important thing to wash is your underscarf, which comes in close contact with your scalp for hours. We recommend washing your hijab and underscarf daily with a gentle fragrance-free detergent ?

4. Scalp care is essential - don’t forgo it!

The first two points have reiterated that hijabs often cause major issues to our scalp, so you should prioritise the health of your scalp. On top of your usual shampoo and conditioner routine, maintain the condition of your hair by getting hair treatments. The survey tells us that over half of respondents (56.6%) do not have hair treatments AT ALL - and we’re telling you why you should start as soon as possible ? Hair treatments penetrate your hair and scalp providing moisture and nutrients to your hair., If your hair does not get enough nutrients, it becomes weak and breaks off easily - hair breakage, hair loss; we’ve heard it all. Do you want to go through the same issues again and again? ?

We understand that hair treatments don’t come cheap, so why not kickstart your haircare journey with a special promotion from Beijing 101 - Meridian Hair & Scalp Purity Treatment at $40 (U.P $502) and get $10 Lazada credits after your treatment ?Once you’ve got that good glorious hair going, you might even be able to flex them on vacation at the 5-star Shangri La Rasa Sentosa, all expenses paid ?

5. Maintain a healthy diet

“Since when does my hair need to ‘eat’ healthy food?” - well, here’s something you might not know: the hair root is in the skin and extends down to the deeper layers of the skin. It’s essentially part of our skin, the body's largest organ ? Now you know there’s no excuse to treat your hair with extra care! According to the survey, 41.5% of you have at least 1 portion of fruits and vegetables per day and 58.49% drink bubble tea with 50% sugar and more - which isn’t the recommended intake! According to HealthHub, everybody should eat 2 servings of fruit and 2 servings of vegetables per dayWe get the sweet cravings from time to time, but remember to include a lot more fibres to promote hair growth, proteins for stronger hair and lower sugar intake to prevent damage to your hair follicles! ?

6. Don’t stop your haircare even if you travel

We get it; you’re on vacation mode, and spending excessive hours on hair is really a waste of your time. But you’re forgetting something, your hair is NEVER on vacation mode - rather, it’s overworked ? From the moment you step onto the plane; a pressure machine that dries and flattens your hair out easily, to arriving at your destination, where external environmental factors such as humidity, air pollution and more come into play, your hair is exposed to even more harmful toxins ? Keep your haircare routine simple yet efficient - apart from your shampoo and conditioner, add on other products that will nourish your hair and keep those locks gorgeous too ?

Our survey showed us that less than 50% would bring additional hair boosters such as hair oil (35.9%) and hair masks (17%) on their vacation. With our usual hair schedules changing as we take vacations, hair oils and masks will come in handy in ensuring moisture, growth, healing, strengthening and revitalisation for your hair ?

Suppose you’ve already taken your vacation, and now your hair is in desperate need of a fixer-upper, or perhaps you want a treatment for your hair that’s healthy and stress-free for your upcoming vacation. In that case, you need to try the Meridian Hair & Scalp Purity Treatment from Beijing 101. Currently priced at $40 (U.P. $502), it helps remove all those built-up toxins for a healthier, fresher scalp, giving you stronger hair and gorgeous locks. You’ll also get $10 shopping credits after your treatment ?

And in the spirit of vacay mode, you’ll even stand a chance to win a staycation at the 5-star Shangri La Rasa Sentosa once you get the $40 deal, because… why not, right? ?

Haircare is a round-a-clock business: Just because your hair is covered doesn’t mean it deserves less of a routine ? You don’t have to compromise your faith for pretty hair - just minor tweaks for stronger hair! You don’t need to see something to know its worth ?

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