This Is How You Can Indulge In Sweet, Baked Goodies From The Comfort Of Your Home


Aroza K •  Sep 23, 2021

This article about staying home and indulging in baked goods at home was written by our Tribes by HHWT member, Aroza K. 

The weekend is just around the corner and since dining out is prohibited without one being vaccinated, why not bring breakfast, lunch, tea and even dinner into our home through a delivery platform? There are restaurants, live bake sales and promotions happening all around Singapore!

From sweet and savoury pies & pastries, choux & macaroons to filling bread & pudding, rice & pastas, they're all within reach for us to indulge in at home! Savour some me time once in a while: indulge in treating yourself. I believe there are endless ways to make yourself happy despite being stuck home.

With a little bit of homework & some googling, list your selections, make your purchase and add that special touch/flair to your purchases for that feeling cool picture perfect look.

Also remember that it's ok to break away from the norm! Instead of getting your bakes from physical store bakeries, go for live bake sales like those held by cafes like @thesecretgardenbyzeekri.  Don't forget to go crazy! Pick coated croissants instead of the plain one, add bread butter pudding to your list and if you decide to be creative, sear them in your own self made sauce. And don't skip out on the bombs (bombolini in short). Get the most heavily decorated bombs - enhance your pretty cheeks

If your love for sweets doesn't stops here, make yourself a mix of hot chocolate or go with a local favourite: ho ho horlick! Line everything up the way you would if you were to dine in a cafe. Place them beside that beautiful balcony of yours as you create that cafe de Paris vibe.  Just before you dig in, tell yourself in silence or shout your lungs out, ''Prenons le the a la maison!" (Let's have high tea at home)

And after all the sugar rush dies down and the guilt starts creeping into your blood stream, boil yourself slices of ginger and soak in the aroma while you let it run down your throat to ease any stomach congestion.

In summary, you can still enjoy good food at the comfort of home without having time restrictions or the need to do safe entry. After all, who says working from home has to be boring?

P.S. Here's A French Dessert Shop In SG That Sells Amazing Pastries

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