Throw Your Stress Away At This Indoor Axe-Throwing Range At The Grandstand


Rita Razali •  Jul 12, 2021

This article was written by our Tribes by HHWT member, Rita Razali

Sometimes when you are angry, you just feel like throwing something or break something. You feel that you need to vent. Well, I found this place that you can do that. Axe Factor (don't worry... It's not the kind you need to sing or perform), is the perfect place to bring a few friends to gather and release some stress during this period!

Located on Turf Club Road at the Grandstand, I'd recommend booking a slot on their website below. We had fun throwing axes and even challenged each other to see who scored the highest. Unfortunately, it's not for children but since I have grown-up kids, we were able to spend time together.. throwing axes! These photos were taken before Phase 2 (Heightened Alert).

My daughter had fun throwing axes to the wooden wall. Credit: Rita Razali.

Because there were five of us, we were given two walls side by side. We were able to compete and guess who had the highest score? Of course, not me! Hahaha. Credit: Rita Razali

If you throw hard enough, your axe might get stuck in the cracks. Credit: Rita Razali 

You will be briefed on how to throw, where to throw and what to throw and my nephew was getting competitive. Look at how he stood and threw that axe. Credit: Rita Razali

We were getting a bit serious with the throwing... It was definitely a good exercise and released some tension too. Credit: Rita Razali 

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Axe Factor

Address: 200 Turf Club Rd #01-32A/B & 34A/B Singapore 287994

Opening Hours: Tues-Sun, 12PM-10PM, Closed on Monday