Australia Sets Four-Phase Plan To Reopen Borders For International Travellers


Ili •  Aug 06, 2021

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic emerged two years ago, all of our travel plans have been put on pause indefinitely. It's been a challenging time to say the least and we can only imagine how much wanderlust you've got pent up. But we've got some good news that'll give you a glimmer of hope to travel again. According to Travel Daily Media, Australia's Prime Minister, Scott Morrison unveiled a roadmap detailing a four-stage process that will lead to the gradual reopening of the nation's borders. Keep reading to find out what is involved in each stage and where Australia is at in this plan.

When will Australia borders open?

Phase A (surpression phase)

  • Australia is currently in Phase A.
  • At this stage, several states and territories are in lockdown in order to contain and prevent further transmission of the virus.
  • The pandemic is also being controlled with vaccine rollouts.

Phase B (transition phase)

  • 70% of the eligible population to be vaccinated.
  • Reduced quarantine arrangements introduced for vaccinated individuals and a capped entry set for student and business visa holders with new quarantine rules for vaccinated travellers.

Phase C (consolidation phase)

  • 80% of the adult population in Australia to be vaccinated.
  • International borders can gradually open.
  • The travel bubble with New Zealand (currently closed) will be extended to other countries with similar vaccination rates as Australia.

Phase D (final phase)

  • Life will more or less return to pre-pandemic times.
  • COVID-19 becomes manageable and international travel can return for the long run.

According to Our World Data, about 16% of the population in Australia are fully vaccinated. While there's no set timeline as to when the borders will reopen since this will depend on vaccine supplies and uptake, Prime Minister Morrison expects the country to reach phase B before the end of the year.

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