This Duo Muslim Singaporean Mothers Publish Kid's Arabic Books & Wins Awards In The US!


Siti Aishah Ahmad •  Oct 29, 2021

Every major bookstore in Singapore has a special Children's Section with all kinds of children's books in English to instill the love of reading among the kids. Not only books, there are fun, interactive games, pop-up books and engaging activity books. But, there aren't many English books about the Arabic language for kids. It's not a stretch to say that Arabic language is one of the challenging languages to learn and it's important kids learn it at a young age. That was when these two sisters and mothers set on a quest to create their own books and they're winning awards for them! ?

Inspirational Mothers Publish Fun English Kid's Books For Arabic Alphabets

Credit: @mylittlelibrarynz on Instagram 

Hafeezah Alsagoff and Hanan Alsagoff love teaching their young kids and all around their children's bedroom, there are many types of English books about alphabets, like magnetic books and even fun card games. But when they couldn't find similar books to teach the Arabic language, particularly on alphabets for their kids, they decided to do it themselves and thus, The Arabic Alphabet of Huruf Island series was born. This seven-book series is a creation of these two sisters and they prove to be a success after taking the Best Book Series 2021 award from Daybreak Press, a US publishing company!

Credit: @mylittlelibrarynz on Instagram 

It's no surprise that their books, published by their own company, Homely Hammock won this amazing award as they've combined the beautiful craft of story-telling for children with learning Arabic alphabets. Their fun and engaging books are perfect to teach the intricate Arabic alphabets and how to pronounce for kids! Adults too can read them if they wanna learn from the basic since learning knows no age limit ?

Not only that their books are fun and easy to understand for kids, but intertwined with the educational side of the books is the inclusion of rich stories grounded on Islamic deen. The Arabic Alphabet of Huruf Island series garners a lot of interest worldwide and as well as Homely Hammock's other Islamic books for children.

If you're looking for fun books for children to teach your kids about Arabic alphabets and beautiful stories of Islam, definitely check out their award-winning books through their website! They've also got free resources for you to use for educational purposes and stockists all around Singapore and the world!

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