JUST IN: Alley.Wei’s Taiwanese/Chinese Street Food Is Finally Halal-Certified


Qistina Bumidin •  Mar 02, 2022

We love it when more stalls in Singapore are halal-certified because there are more things for us to indulge in! Alley.Wei is joining the list, and they serve traditional Taiwanese/Chinese street food such as soybean milk with a contemporary twist ?  Let’s check out what they have to offer!

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Alley.Wei, Halal Taiwanese/Chinese Street Food

Credit: @yumyumzinmytumztumz for Instagram

Their signature item, the soybean milk, is a must-try! It’s served in a bowl with a metal spoon, just like how it’s done in Taiwan. Whether you choose the original or add on almonds or chin chow (grass jelly in English), it’s really is silky smooth in texture. The subtle yet creamy taste is so addictive, you’ll be gulping it down in no time! ? 

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If you’re craving some fried delicacies, you should try the panfried dumplings! Each dumpling is generously stuffed with meat, and it’s super juicy and soft when bitten. We’re drooling right now!

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Another fried treat you definitely need to try is their youtiao (Chinese fried dough in English). It’s crispy and fluffy, which is perfect for a filling and tasty snack on-the-go ? You can even break the youtiao up into pieces and dunk it into your soybean milk! 

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Another popular street food you can’t miss is their scallion pancake! It’s delightfully flaky in texture, with the green onion stuffing giving it a more aromatic flavour. It’s truly addictive, and you can’t get enough of its crispiness! You can also add-on eggs into the mixture for an extra burst of flavours ?

Credit: @yumyumzinmytumztumz for Instagram

They have other dishes you can try out, such as their beef noodles if you’re looking for a more filling meal or steamed pau and mantou for bread lovers ? Whether you’re always looking for the next halal food spot, or you really love Taiwanese/Chinese street food as much as we do, head down to Alley.Wei now! ?

Halal status: Only their outlet at Yishun is halal-certified, while the Tampines outlet is pending halal certification. 

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