Here Are Some Of The Cheapest Airline Deals That We Could Find For Your Next VTL Trip From SG To South Korea


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Oct 29, 2021

Have you heard? Thanks to the Vaccinated Travel Lane, vaccinated Singaporeans will be able to travel to South Korea as of 15 Nov! No longer will we need to watch our K-Pop oppas from behind a screen. Hop on a plane and head to South Korea to enjoy the full South Korean experience ? Any experienced traveller would know, however, that planning starts way before the actual trip. So if you're planning to head over there, you're going to need to know about a few things, including flight prices. Here are some of the cheapest flight tickets from Singapore to South Korea that we could find to help you plan your trip!

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Flight Deals To Korea From Singapore

1. SkyScanner's Cheapest Offer

According to SkyScanner, there are 2 deals out of Singapore to South Korea on Friday, 17th December via Scoot and T'way Air. At best, the tickets cause $379 for a ticket from Singapore to Incheon. Definitely an affordable price for airplane tickets! Do note that you will have to undergo self-transfers via this route.

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2. CheapFlight's best ticket prices

Head off to Incheon at $627 via Singapore Airlines for Economy Lite if you buy your ticket on CheapFlight! You'll have to pay a little more than the previous deal because it's a direct flight. But for a more comfortable journey, it might just be worth it. You could also travel at Economy Flexi for $848 or Economy Value for $936!

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3. GoToGate's budget offer

If you're looking to travel on a budget airline, prices are much lower! Check out GoToGate's ticket prices. They go for about $378++ per pax for economy class on Scoot. For a little more at $496++, you could head to South Korea on Thai Airasia!

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Granted, there are many other conditions required for us to address in order to buy a plane ticket. Especially to somewhere so popular like South Korea! However, we hope that this serves as a good gauge for you while planning your trips. There are still tickets at cheap prices out there - you just have to look for it ?