Muslim-Friendly Tokyo-Osaka Itinerary

The Ultimate 7D6N Muslim-Friendly Tokyo-Osaka Itinerary For Your Next Trip To Japan


Qistina Bumidin •  Oct 27, 2022

Everyone who has been to Japan will tell you that Tokyo and Osaka are the top few cities you must visit! Get a taste of metropolitan Tokyo before heading to the magical city of Osaka ✈️ It’s been two years since we travelled to the Land of the Rising Sun, and we know that your itinerary is probably already filled with all the places you missed, but we’ve added new things to do in Japan that you can’t miss! ? Follow us on Telegram for the latest updates: https://bit.ly/3LnFN1F

Getting around

Credit: UnsplashThe cities in Japan are mainly connected through a series of train/subway lines, which makes travelling around super convenient ? In Tokyo alone, there are 13 colour-coded subway lines for easier navigation, 9 of which are operated by Tokyo Metro and 4 by Toei. Fares are dependent on the operators and how far you travel. Plus, if you’re changing operators, a transfer ticket is needed.
 To save on cost, we'd recommend purchasing the Tokyo Subway Ticket (valid for 24, 48 or 72 hours), which gives you unlimited rides on all Tokyo Metro and Toei subway lines ? It’s especially convenient since most of Tokyo’s popular attractions are near Toei subway lines, such as Asakusa’s Sensoji Temple, Shibuya Scramble, Harajuku and more!
For those travelling between cities, theJapan Rail (JR) Whole Japan Passis your saving grace ? Valid for 7 days, 14 days or 21 days, this pass gives you unlimited access to all JR Group Railways, Shinkansen (bullet trains), buses and more! The pass can currently be purchased online. While some stations in Japan sell the passes, they may be a lot more expensive! You can buy it in advance on Klookand redeem it at any JR Rail Pass exchange office in major JR stations ?
When you purchase from Klook, your Mail Exchange Order will be delivered directly to your door within 2 weeks! Alternatively, you can pick up your pass at selected local airports in your country. See the list of countries at the bottom part of this link. ? The departure date you select on the booking page should be at least 2 weeks from when you intend to leave for Japan.P.S. Here’s another alternative: You can get your JR Pass Exchange Orders printed onsite at the Klook Travel Fest! If you’re travelling to Japan soon, come to Suntec City West Atrium on 29th & 30th October! Do note that it’s limited to the first 100 visitors per day, and all printed JR Passes must be redeemed in Japan between 29th Oct 2022 to 26th Jan 2023.
Credit: Unsplash#HHWTip: Even if you’re travelling from Tokyo to Osaka and nothing else, it is still worth purchasing the JR Pass. As this itinerary shows, the round trip between Tokyo and Osaka is worth the7-Day Whole JR Pass. Moreover, you’ll be able to use the pass on local JR trains or buses in each city. However, if you’re flying in from Tokyo and out from Osaka (or vice-versa), we recommend purchasing a single Shinkansen ticket, which costs about ¥14,720 (~SGD140). There are also different regional JR Passes available, and you can use the nifty tool here to check what best suits your itinerary ?

Travelling from Haneda/Narita Airport to your hotel

Credit: UnsplashOnce you've touched down in Tokyo, you can take the train or subway to your hotel, and we highly recommend using Japan Travel by NAVITIME to figure out the best route to travel around Japan. You can download it on your phone so that you’ll be able to find train routes on the go ?For those travelling in huge groups, you can also consider booking a private airport transfer (Klook offers this service for travellers arriving from both Haneda and Narita airports!). Alternatively, a car would be a convenient option to consider! Simply book your car of choice via Klook, and let Klook settle the rest for you! Once you’ve arrived at Haneda or Narita airport, take your booking details to the designated rental office, confirm your payment information, and away you go! Remember to get an International Driving Permit (IDP) through your country ?#HHWT Tip: For those with the JR Pass, save on transport costs by taking the Narita Express from Narita Airport to Tokyo Station. You’ll be there in 53 minutes ? If you arrive at Haneda Airport and wish to use your JR pass, you can take the Tokyo Monorail from the airport to Hamamatsucho Station. From there, take the JR Yamanote or Keihin-Tohoku Linesto Tokyo Station.

Day 1

Arrival at Narita airport

Credit: KINEYAMUGIMARU on Facebook

  • Konnichiwa Japan! You've officially touched down at the Land of the Rising Sun ✨ If the airplane food left you feeling hungry, swing by KINEYAMUGIMARU, a halal-certified udon eatery at Terminal 1 for a quick refuel  ?

Pick up your JR Pass Whole Japan 7-Days

  • You will first receive a Mail Exchange Order (MCO) when you purchase a JR Pass outside of Japan. You will then need to present the Exchange Order with your passport and Temporary Visitor stamp/sticker for validation in Japan at a JR Rail Office to receive your JR Pass ?
  • The information on the Exchange Order MUST reflect that of your passport. Failure to do so will result in an invalid Exchange Order, and you won’t be able to get your JR Pass. Check out the full list of places to collect your JR Pass here
  • Alternatively, you can also pick up your JR Pass at the JR East Travel Service Counter at Narita Airport, located on B1 floor in both terminals, or JR East Japan Travel Center, located on the 2nd floor of the Arrival Hall in Terminal 3 of Haneda Airport.  Do note that the JR Pass can be exchanged between 6.30 am and 9.45 pm.
  • Note: The JR Pass cannot be used for travel on NOZOMI, and MIZUHO trains on the Tokaido, Sanyo, and Kyushu Shinkansen lines.

Pick up your Tokyo Subway Pass

  • With the JR Pass in your arsenal, you'll need the Tokyo Subway Pass to get around Tokyo. You can purchase the pass for either 24, 48 or 72 hours!
  • If you book on Klook, you'll get instant confirmation of your purchase PLUS convenient pick-up at the airport ?
  • To use it, insert the card into the slot at the ticket gate and retrieve it when it pops out again!

Check-in at Keio Plaza Hotel

  • Situated in the heart of Shinjuku, Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo is perfect for all travellers!
  • Whether you're travelling with kids, a large group or your other half, you're in for a great stay, given its spacious rooms and awesome location.
  • The best part? The hotel offers free shuttle bus services to Disneyland ? 
  • Plus, it’s only a 5-minute walk from Shinjuku Station. Board the Narita Express with your JR Pass and drop off at Shinjuku Station. The train journey takes about an hour, so ample time for you to rest up before continuing your itinerary ?

Dinner at Yakiniku Panga (1h)

  • Grab your buddies and end your first night in Japan with a grill fest at Yakiniku Panga!
  • Sink your teeth into tender, halal wagyu beef that's been grilled to perfection ?

Halal Wagyu Yakiniku Panga (Okachimachi)Halal Status: While all the meats served are from halal-certified suppliers, alcohol may be served in the establishment. Do dine with discretion.The average price of main dishes: JPY4900-8500 for wagyuOpening hours: Tues-Thurs, Sat; 11.30AM-2PM, 5PM-10.30PM, Sun-Mon, Fri; 5PM-10PMAddress: 3 Chome-27-9 Taito, Taito City, Tokyo 110-0016, JapanContact: +81 3-3839-8929 or reserve via HotpepperInstagram

Day 2

  • Disney fans, rejoice! Here's where you can unleash your inner child, hop on thrilling rides and meet your favourite Disney characters ?
  • Skip the endlessly long queues and book your admission tickets in advance on Klook! Completely hassle-free, you'll even get instant confirmation of your purchase, which gives you more time to spend on your favourite rides and attractions!
  • Enjoy utmost convenience with no printing required - just scan the QR code, get your re-entry stamp, and enjoy ?

  • Do note that Fastpasses are not available until further notice. Currently, it’s being replaced by Disney Premier Access, which only offers expedited access to Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast in Tokyo Disneyland and Soaring: Fantastic Flight in Tokyo DisneySea.
  • The charge for each Disney Premier Access pass is ¥2000, about $15 USD. Guests can purchase one Premier Access pass per ride, each day. Premier Access purchases must be made in the official Tokyo Disney Resort app. The cost does include the park ticket. For more information, check out the official website of Tokyo Disney Resort

  • Grab a spot 30-45 minutes before the parade starts! If you see people sitting in the middle of nowhere, chances are, they're probably waiting for the parade to start.
  • Stock up on the most adorable character merchandise! From popcorn buckets, soft toys, collectables to hats, you'll need a piece of extra luggage just to bring these home ?
  • Plus there are new attractions to discover too! Another attraction in Tokyo Disneyland's Tomorrowland in September 2020 is The Happy Ride with Baymax, which will surely be a huge hit for all the Big Hero 6 fans out there!

  • There is a prayer room at the Main Street House (Disneyland) or Guest Relations (Disneysea). Do ask the friendly staff to guide you to these places! Prayer mats and garments are not provided so do remember to bring your own!
  • Stay till the end for a fantastic fireworks display, no one does it better than Disney ✨

P.S.Klook will be running their Travel Fest from 29th October to 30th October, where you can get the chance to score 1-for-1 flash deals. Plus, if you’re travelling to Japan between now till Jan 2023, you can get your JR Whole Japan Pass Exchange Orders printed onsite at the Klook Travel Fest! Do note that it’s limited to the first 100 visitors per day, and all printed JR Passes must be redeemed between 29th Oct 2022 to 26th Jan 2023.Mark your calendars and head down to Suntec City on the dates!

Day 3

Toyosu Market (2h)

  • Try to make time during your trip to catch the tuna auction at the new Toyosu site and visit the Outer Market that remains at the old Tsukiji location.

Credit: @angiel830 for Instagram

  • The tuna auction takes place daily from about 5:30 a.m. to 6:30 a.m. Do come early to grab a good spot at the upper-floor observation windows! 
  • If you really want to be a part of the experience (and avoid seeing nothing but a bunch of people’s heads), the best spot to view the auction is from the special deck on the lower floor. However, you do need to sign up for a spot via this link. Applications open for about a week each month for a spot the following month. 

The view from the upper-deck. Credit: @jessethomas for Instagram

  • The shift of the auction and inner wholesale market from Tsukiji to Toyosu was to accommodate the growing tourist demand to watch the auction. 
  • The brand-new Toyosu site is equipped with a dedicated observation deck and 70% more space so you can catch the auction without getting lost in the crowd. 

Credit: @_travel_therapy_22 for Instagram

  • If you're a sentimental traveller who wants to visit the original site, you'll be glad to know that the Tsukiji Outer Market of sushi restaurants, street food and more remains there! It’s only a 17-minute train ride from Toyusu Station, or a 40-50 minute walk ?
  • Note: We cannot confirm the halal status of individual eateries at the Outer Market, and at Toyosu Market. We advise that you purchase food there at your discretion.
  • Directions to Toyosu Market: Take the JR Yamanote Line one station from Tokyo Station to Yurakucho From Yurakucho, take the Yurakucho Subway Line to Toyosu. Finally, take the Yurikamome to Shijo-mae Station in the centre of Toyosu Market. 

Get lost in the wonderful world of art with this hands-on digital experience (2h)

Credit: Klook

  • teamLab Planets is conveniently located next to Shin-Toyosu Station and offers a more intimate interaction with the collective's signature digital art. 
  • They offer a more sensorial and immersive experience than the teamLab Borderless Museum nearby. 
  • The museum is home to just nine installations, but they are spread across a full 10,000sqm, giving them lots and lots of space each. 

Credit: Klook

  • #HHWTip: Here’s the interesting part: in some places (we won’t share where ?), you’ll be wading through knee-deep waters! We highly recommend wearing something above the knee, or something that can be rolled up! Do note that shoes are not allowed in the museum. 
  • They are open until 8pm, one of the few museums in Tokyo that open later. The museum will be opened until the end of 2023, so there’s still time for you to add this to your itinerary ?

Credit: Klook

  • Just last year, the museum introduced an onsite vegan ramen restaurant, Vegan Ramen Uzu as well as a new indoor/outdoor Garden Area with two additional installations!
  • Note: While there is no meat in the ramen, alcoholic beverages may be served on the premises. Do dine with discretion. 

Credit: Mitsui Shopping Park

  • When you book your admission tickets via Klook, you’ll enjoy 1-hour parking free at Urban Dock Lalaport Toyosu! You must show your Klook voucher at the parking lot in Lalaport Toyosu to claim free parking! 
  • P.S. Klook is running a 1-for-1 deal for teamLab Planets entry tickets at their travel festival on 30th October as well!
  • Urban Dock Lalaport Toyosu is located nearby and is home to over 180 stores, such as Tokyu Hands, Muji and more; perfect for you to shop till you drop!

Have a taste of olden-day Japan at Asakusa (3h)

Personalised rickshaw tour around Asakusa

  • Discover Asakusa like never before while riding in a traditional rickshaw! Pulled by a friendly, English-speaking guide, you’ll pass by iconic landmarks like Kaminarimon, Geisha Town and the Tokyo Skytree ?
  • Available on Klook, the ride is 30 minutes - 2 hours long, depending on the package PLUS you can customise the tour! We'd recommend starting at Asakusa station and end the tour at the Sensō-ji area.

Visit Sensō-ji Temple and Nakamise Street while wearing a traditional kimono

  • Rent a kimono via Klook and walk around the oldest temple in Tokyo for the full Japanese experience! Remember to snap photos of the iconic Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate) at the outer gate of the temple!
  • Once you’re done exploring, head to Nakamise, a shopping street near the second outer gate. Splurge away on unique souvenirs, halal local snacks and more!

  • Head on to Hyobando (found at the start of the street) to stock up on okaki or traditional Japanese rice crackers. Yummy flavours include seaweed, red pepper and matcha ?

#HHWTip: As you stroll along Nakamise, do look out for Kameya, which makes ningyo-yaki – tiny baked doll cakes stuffed with red bean! Plus, you get to watch them being baked. Definitely one of our favourite Japanese snacks ?

Lunch at Sushiken

  • The first halal sushi restaurant in Japan, this eatery uses only the finest ingredients and like many of the restaurants here, it's cheaper to dine here during lunch ?

#HHWTip: There's a prayer room on the second floor, with a wudhu area and prayer mats provided!Halal Status: Halal-CertifiedThe average price of main dishes: JPY1300-1800 (rice bowls), JPY2400 (sushi sets)Opening hours: Open daily; 12PM-10PM (closes on 31st December yearly)Address: 2 Chome-11-4, Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0032, JapanContact: +81 03-5246-6547Website | Facebook | Instagram

Shopping break at Ginza (2-3 hours)

Credit: @hirokkie for Instagram

  • This area takes the cake when it comes to being a high-class shopping district ?️
  • While in the area, visit the largest shopping complex, Ginza Six! The complex not only offers designer brands of cosmetics and apparels such as Chanel and Dior, but also other forms of cultural entertainment.
  • The building in its entirety has a picturesque interior design that'll make you whip your phone out for an Instagram picture. You’ll also be intrigued to find Yayoi Kusama’s legendary polka-dot art hanging from the ceiling of the building ?

Credit: Klook

  • If you still have some time to kill, why not check out the newly reopened Art Aquarium Museum? Here, you can view thousands of goldfish swimming in glass vessels of all shapes and sizes, and they are illuminated with moving projections and multicoloured lights ?

Credit: Klook

  • You’ll find both rare and common goldfish on display across the museum’s nine exhibition spaces, including the Origamirium, the Goldfish Bamboo Grove and the Goldfish Corridor.
  • Plus, it makes for a good IG feed too ?
  • Book your admission ticket via Klook here!

End your night at Akihabara (2-3 hours)

Credit: Unsplash

  • A trip to Tokyo is almost incomplete without a stopover at the centre of otaku culture ?
  • Get in touch with your inner geek and be dazzled with the selection of anime, manga, and electronics!
  • Check out Don Quixote, also known as Donki, a huge discount store for normal and odd things ?

Day 4: Visit the top 3 neighbourhoods of Tokyo 

Get your shopping done in Harajuku (plus sightseeing spots!) (3h)

  • Harajuku - also known as the capital of cute (or kawaii ?) in Tokyo. You may think that it's just a place to get your kawaii and Lolita fashion fix but there's so much more to Harajuku than what meets the eye!

Peaceful morning start at Meiji Shrine 

Credit: Unsplash

  • Start your morning on a quieter note by visiting Meiji Shrine. 
  • A peaceful oasis in the middle of bustling Tokyo, Meiji Shrine, (also known as Meiji Jingu) is sheltered by a forest of 100,000 trees, donated from all parts of Japan and planted by about 110,000 volunteers. 
  • Being Tokyo’s grandest Shintō shrine, this is definitely one of the tourist sights you mustn't miss ?

Enjoy a nice stroll at Yoyogi Park

Credit: @mangle_ss for Instagram

  • Located just next to Meiji Shrine, Yoyogi Park is one of Tokyo's largest city parks. Its wide lawns, ponds and forested areas make it the perfect place for a picnic or resting between your shopping adventures ?

Credit: @strangersharajuku_official for Instagram

  • On Sundays, you'll find musicians, artists, sports enthusiasts and cosplayers, especially when the weather's good! If you're up for some exercise, you can rent a bicycle to cycle around the park. Or just soak up the atmosphere and relax on the lawn ?

Credit: @fotozubuano for Instagram

  • #HHWTip: If you're in Tokyo during the Cherry Blossoms season or Autumn, drop by Yoyogi park for a picnic beneath the beautiful foliage.

Shop till you drop at Takeshita Street!

Credit: Unsplash

  • A trip to Harajuku isn't complete without visiting the iconic Takeshita Dori, also known as Takeshita Street ? 
  • This busy pedestrian-only street is lined with fashion boutiques, trendy stores, cafes, crepe stands and more. 
  • Brace yourself for the crowd if you're visiting on a weekend because this is also a popular hangout for the local teenagers!
  • Check out our essential guide to the best spots to shop in Takeshita Street and nearby spots!

Lunch at Kebab Box J

Credit: @kebab_box_j for Instagram

  • While we try to have local food as much as possible, it is tough to findhalal Japanese food in Harajuku. 
  • Kebab Box J is the perfect place to stop for a halal kebab after exploring Takeshita Street. 
  • They even have a shawarma bento ?

Credit: KlookP.S. If you’re an animal lover, drop by any animal cafes lined up on Takeshita Street! Get up close to unique animals such as owls and hedgehogs! You can book a slot via Klook here

Explore Shinjuku (2-3 hours)

Escape the bustling city life at Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

  • Shinjuku Gyoen is one of the most famous attractions in Tokyo, and it's not hard to understand why. The grounds are a combination of 3 types of gardens that create a beautiful display throughout each season ?
  • The Japanese Traditional Garden consists of ponds dotted with smaller islands, bridges, and pavilions that create a tranquil space amongst the wild nature. 
  • The French Formal Garden, is more symmetrical in its layout, with rose beds and sycamore groves that line its walkways.
  • And finally, the English Landscape Garden is a sprawling field with an open lawn surrounded by flowering trees that create bright spots of colour year-round. 
  • There's also a greenhouse showcasing more tropical plants and various rest stops throughout the park for you to take a break ?

Pop by Matsumoto Kiyoshi

Credit: @carlobertonephoto for Instagram

  • Matsumoto Kiyoshi is one of the best places to go shopping in Shinjuku, especially for makeup and skincare lovers. This one-stop shop is known for its cosmetic products and local beauty items ?
  • Stack up your essentials with some makeup products and other related stuff. Go around and find different foundation brands, blush, lipsticks, eyeliners, eye shadows, mascara, and such!
  • They also have plenty of cute nail polish and skincare products like cleansers, toners, moisturisers, and face masks. Don’t forget to add to your cart some famous Japanese sunscreens, including ANESSA, Biore, and NIVEA ?
  • #HHWTip: If you spend at least 5000 yen, you can enjoy tax-free shopping - and save 10% ? Remember to bring your passport along, your purchase (must be on the same day!) and the receipt to get the refund from the tax-free counter available in the store!

P.S. Looking for more activities to do in Shinjuku? Check out our Muslim-friendly guide, which includes places to savour delicious food! 

End your day at Shibuya (2-3h)

Catch the sunset at Shibuya Sky 

Credit : Klook

  • Make your way to Shibuya Sky, an observation deck that sits right at the rooftop of this building. Since the Shibuya Scramble Square is the tallest building in Shibuya, you can expect an unobstructed view of this bustling business centre ?
  • The journey begins when you step off at the 14th floor where the Shibuya Sky ticketing counter is located. While you can purchase your ticket at the counter, we recommend buying in advance. Klook offers great discounts for admission tickets!
  • Once you have a ticket in hand, take the elevator that'll lead you straight to the 45th floor. Then, you're only an escalator away from the 46th floor where you'll find yourself at the Shibuya Sky's Sky Stage ?

Credit : Klook

  • The moment you reach the Sky Stage, THIS is the sweeping city view that awaits you! While you're taking it all in, spot popular landmarks like Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Stadium and, of course, the Shibuya crossing! If you're lucky, you can see the magnificent Mount Fuji on a clear day too ?
  • The Sky Stage also has a helicopter rooftop landing that is decked out with faux grass. Most visitors would lie down and admire the fluffy clouds that pass them by. We recommend doing the same because you can't get closer to the sky than the tallest building in Shibuya.

Credit : Klook

  • If you can't find a comfortable spot at the rooftop landing, the Sky Stage also has a long stretch of hammock that allows you to sit back and chill. While staring at the sky, listen to your favourite music and let the tunes drift your worries away ?
  • Remember to catch the sunset views backed by the mellow horizon in Tokyo at the Sky Edge! Besides being a great vantage point, Sky Edge is a corner that provides a good place to capture an Instagram-worthy snapshot ?

Dinner at Gyumon (1h)

  • The perfect place for an authentic yakiniku dinner after a day’s worth of exploring the best of Tokyo! ?
  • Choose the cut you prefer and they’ll serve it to you raw and lightly seasoned for you to grill on the charcoal stove. The beef tenderloin, grilled to medium rare, is just perfect! ?

Halal status: Halal ingredients are used but do note that alcohol is served in the establishment. We advise you to dine at your own discretion.Average price of main dishes: JPY3000-4000Opening hours: 5PM-12AM, dailyAddress: 3 Chome-14-5 Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0002, JapanContact: +81 03-5469-2911Website | Facebook | Instagram

Last shopping trip in Shibuya 

Credit: Unsplash

  • Home to one of the world's most busiest pedestrian crossings and huge departmental stores, Shibuya is every shopaholic’s dream ? 
  • Must visit stores include the flagship Uniqlo store, Tokyu Hands and the Loft. For more stores, check out our ultimate guide to shopping in Tokyo!

Day 5

Onwards to Osaka (3-4 hours)

  • Time to head to the magical city of Osaka! Take a shinkansen with your JR pass, which will take around 3-4 hours, depending on which train you take!
  • However, do note that JR Pass holders are only allowed on Hikari and Kodama trains. The JR Pass does not cover the Nozomi/Mizuho fast trains. 
  • Please include a tip that you can reserve the tickets in advance using the JR Pass so you’re guaranteed a seat. There’s also some size restrictions for luggages on the Shinkansen, so please highlight that as it’s useful info.

Getting around

  • Osaka is largely divided into 2 main areas: the Umeda area, called “Kita” and the Nanba/Tennoji area, called “Minami”.  The subway pretty much covers the whole city area, the JR Osaka Loop Line which circles the central districts, as well as other connecting private railways.
  • With the 2 day Osaka Amazing Pass, you'll get unlimited rides on buses, trains and private railways PLUS free access to over 30 sightseeing spots in the city ? You can easily get this pass on Klook (at a discounted price!) and receive your e-voucher instantly ? You can exchange the voucher for the pass at Osaka City Air Terminal (JR Namba Station).

P.S. Want to score even more discounts? Come down to Klook’s Travel Fest on 29th October and 30th October and enjoy 1-for-1 flash deals and promo codes up to $280 off for your next trip! Hint: This Osaka Amazing Pass will be one of the MANY 1-for-1 flash deals you can score!

Lunch at Matsuri (1h)

Halal status: Halal ingredients used, no non-halal meat or alcohol is sold in establishmentPrayer room: AvailableOpening hours: Sat-Sun (11AM-2PM; 5PM-8.30PM);  Fri, Mon-Tues (5PM-8.30PM); closed on Wed and ThursAddress: 3 Chome-27-17 Yoshino, Fukushima Ward, Osaka, 553-0006, JapanContact: +81669406633Website | Facebook | Instagram

Sight-see (for FREE!) using the Osaka Amazing Pass (3-4h)

  • Enjoy FREE entrance to top attractions like Osaka Castle, Umeda Sky Building Floating Garden Observatory, and the Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum!

Catch panoramic views from Osaka’s tallest building as the sun sets (1h)

Credit: Klook

  • If we know one thing, Japan promises breathtaking views, and Osaka is no exception!
  • Witness the breathtaking view of Osaka from Harukas 300 observatory deck at heights of 300m ?

Credit: Klook

  • Head to the 60th floor and get a panoramic view of Osaka from a 360° glass observation deck, called the Celestial Corridor! 
  • If you’re up for some shopping, drop by Abeno Harukas with a range of luxury stores to choose from, and enjoy tax returns on the spot!
  • You can book your ticket via Klook here! It’s best to get your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment as it does get crowded! 

P.S. If you come down to Klook’s Travel Fest on 29th October, you get the chance to purchase a 1-for-1 flash deal for the Osaka Amazing Pass! ?

Check out the night scene at Dotonbori (2h)

Credit: Unsplash

  • Hop on the Tombori River Cruise (P.S. The ride is FREE with the Osaka Amazing Pass!)
  • Alternatively, you can book a 90-minute cruise experience through the popular Dotonburi Cruise and discover Osaka from a different perspective! You’ll even get a chance to be close to observing the opening and closing of the bridge floodgate ?

Dinner at Ramen Honolu

Credit: @honuluramen for Instagram

  • Slurp up a piping hot, hearty dinner at Ramen Honulu to end your day ?

Halal status: Halal-CertifiedThe average price of main dishes: JPY1000Address: 2 Chome-5-27 Motomachi, Naniwa Ward, Osaka, 556-0016, JapanOpening hours: 11:30AM–2PM, 5PM–9PM daily; closed on TuesdaysWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

Check in at MIMARU Osaka Namba North

Credit: Klook

  • This newly-launched hotel has huge family rooms and is just a short walk away from JR Namba Station!

Address: 1-chōme-2-3 Minatomachi, Naniwa Ward, Osaka, 556-0017, JapanContact: +81-6-6645-7111

Day 6: Be a wizard for a day at Universal Studios Japan (USJ) 

  • No trip to Osaka is complete without visiting USJ! As the park is super popular (and crowded), you don’t want to risk not being able to get your tickets or the express pass when you reach the ticketing counter. Remember to book your USJ admission ticket in advance on Klook to get instant confirmation!
  • Since you’re already there, do consider getting the USJ Express Pass and shorten your waiting time! You’ll also get the best views of the amazing parades with the special Express Pass holder viewing areas
  • Note: The Express Pass is an addition to the USJ admission ticket (which is a separate purchase) to enter the park.

#HHWTip: DO NOT purchase tickets from unrecognised retailers as your tickets will be nullified! Stick to authorised resellers like Klook and book your tickets with them to avoid any last-minute disappointments. Oh, and head down to the Klook Travel Fest on 29th and 30th of October for exclusive promo codes and 1-for-1 deals for your next trip! ?

  • All aboard the Hogwarts express! Time to live out your childhood dream of going to Hogwarts and proudly don your house colours ?

  • Complete your Hogwarts student experience with a frothy mug of Butterbeer (non-alcoholic of course ?) while wondering around Hogsmede!

Credit: Universal Studios Japan

  • Visit popular attractions like Despicable Me Minion Mayhem, The Flying Dinosaur, The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, and more ?

Credit: Klook

  • There are new attractions such as the Super Nintendo World, which brings Nintendo’s most iconic locations, including the Mushroom Kingdom, Peach’s Castle, and Bowser’s Castle to life! You can race alongside your friends in Mario Kart, or hop on Yoshi and as you search for Captain Toad on a treasure hunt ?
  • Depending on the time you’re in Japan, don’t forget to check out the limited-time events! Anime fans would love the 4D Jujutsu Kaisen experience. Running from now till July 2023, watch the fierce battle between Itadori and friends, and a Cursed Spirit ?

#HHWTip: Get the USJ Express Pass on Klook, especially if you’re visiting on a peak day or if you hate queueing! You will be assigned specific timeslots to ride the popular attractions and this will be a lifesaver ?

  • Meet your favourite mascots, catch the free parades and splurge on character merchandise like adorable soft toys and popcorn buckets ?
  • Hop on thrilling 4D rides based on popular animes like Evangelion XR Ride, Godzilla, Attack on Titan and Monster Hunter!

P.S. Klook will be running their Travel Fest from 29th October to 30th October, where you can get the chance to score 1-for-1 flash deals for top activities such as Universal Studios Japan and even up to $280 off promo codes! Don’t you love even MORE discounts?!

Lunch at Azzurra di Capri

  • Have a slice of delicious vegetarian pizza ?
  • Note: Do note that this eatery is not halal-certified, however, vegetarian options are available. We advise that you dine at your own discretion.

#HHWTip: For those staying late till dinner, there's a Muslim-friendly menu at Red Lobster, just outside USJ.

Dinner at Tsuki No Odori

Credit: @tsukino.odori for Instagram

  • Rejoice if you're a chicken lover! Tsuki no Odori, known for their chicken dishes has a halal menu. They've taken great care to ensure that the halal dishes served meets their standards and diners' expectations.
  • Be sure to try the succulent yakitori ?
  • Note: It's best to make a reservation before visiting, especially if you're going in a group of 4 or more, as although they do have halal meals on hand, the number of servings is limited.

Halal status: Halal ingredients are used, and alcohol is served in the establishment so do dine at your own discretion.Average price: JPY3000Opening hours: 11.30AM-2.30PM, 5.30PM - 10.30PM dailyAddress: 2 Chome-26-13 Kujominami, Nishi Ward, Osaka, 550-0025, Japan (〒550-0025 大阪府大阪市西区九条南2丁目26−13)Contact: +81 6-4393-0088Nearest subway station: Kujo (exit 1/2)Facebook | Instagram

Time to head home ?

  • Say sayonara to Osaka and take the shinkansen back to Tokyo using your JR Pass

Dinner at Narita Airport

  • Have one last meal at KINEYAMUGIMARU, a halal-certified udon eatery at Terminal 1!

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