5 Scenic Road Trip In Japan You Never Know Exists (and You Gotta Try!)


Tiara •  Aug 12, 2021

What road trip should I take once travel continues?

You might not be expecting this, but the answer is Japan.

Japan road trips maybe not be as popular as ski resorts, halal culinary trips, or a hike to Mt. Fuji. However, a road trip in Japan will give you a different experience by seeing the other side of this island nation.

Besides the towering landscapes and enchanting culture, the untouched nature of Japan is ready to be discovered on the wheel. Buckle up, here are some of the scenic roads to explore in Japan.

Coastal Hokkaido

Located in the northern part of the country, Hokkaido is a less populated island with numerous untouched natural beauty. Coast-to-coast Hokkaido route is 700 km long with astounding natural scenery. One of the highlights is the colonial port of Hakodate.

For a different vibe, come back or another Hokkaido road trip in the winter to see the all-white scenery throughout the track.

Minamiizu to Hakone by Mt. Fuji

Aerial view of the curves of a scenic mountain road in Fuji-Hakone Izu National Park in autumn, Japan.

Credit: Marco Bottigelli/Getty Images via Lonely Planet

Mt. Fuji is definitely a must on your Japan bucket list. Not only for a hike, but Mt. Fuji is also actually one of the favorite routes for road trips.

You can drive along the shores of Lake Ashi in Hakone while adoring the view of Fujiyama on a clear day. To top off the trip, sway your steering wheel on Hakone Skyline, a twisty trail that inspires the movie The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift!

Coast of Wakayama

Kredit: @ngci.ouh

This route lays in the southern Osaka-Kyoto area and is one of the well-known pilgrimage trails. This road trip drives through the Wakayama's 16th-century castle area as well as the onsen resort town.

You will be seeing lots of rocky cliffs along the way, including where the Kamikura Shrine is located, exactly under a giant rock on a cliff. This shrine is believed to be where Japan's Shinto gods first descent to the earth.

Mt. Aso to Cape Sata

Do you know that Mt. Aso is Japan's largest caldera and active volcano? The good news is, you can drive through its scenic roads!

The Aso Panorama Line is serving a road trip like no other with the curvy roads between the hills. Imagine yourself driving while surrounded by the mighty mountains!

Naruto to Kanagawa

If you prefer an ocean view, head to Naruto and drive to Kanagawa. This route will bring you to 88 temples along with the 1.200 km distance, a perfect route to see Japan's culture.

Credit: @japanairlines_jal

There will be a point where you will drive through the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge, the world's longest suspension bridge that stretches as far as 1,2 miles!

Get ready for your trip to Japan with this information and recommendations!

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