This Giant 3D Calico Cat Is The Latest Digital Art Installation In Shinjuku


Ili •  Jul 08, 2021

It's been a while since we last travelled to Japan and if you ask us, it'll be one of the top destinations we'll be returning to once the pandemic is over so we can enjoy halal Japanese food, exciting theme parks, stunning landscapes and more. While we're staying home and dreaming about our future getaway to Japan, its capital city continues to generate excitement with not only the highly-anticipated Tokyo Olympic 2020 but also a new digital art installation in the form of a furry friend!

Located opposite Shinjuku Station's east exit, pedestrians will be able to look up and find a giant life-like calico cat displayed on the neighborhood's new high-tech billboard on Cross Shinjuku Vision. This latest technology featuring 4K images and a curved screen allows it to create a stunning 3D effect, so when the cat prowls back and forth or makes direct eye contact with onlookers, it feels as though it's about to jump out of the screen anytime!

P.S. Did you know that Seoul also has its own IG-worthy digital art installation? Check it out here!

Just because we're not in Tokyo right now, that doesn't mean we can't experience this awesome 3D animation from where we are. Catch the calico cat appear in between ads throughout the day by watching this this live feed of Shinjuku - and once it makes its official debut on July 12, you'll get to see more of the cat as it wakes up at 7AM every morning when the screens turn on and go to sleep in the evening at 1AM before the screen turns off ?

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